The American Road Machinery Company

Our state of the art manufacturing and up fit facility located in Canton, Ohio covers 88,000 sq. ft. on 10 acres of land. With the latest in CNC burning and forming capabilities, assembly bays, finishing and painting systems all coupled with 3D computer-aided design, we design and build the equipment you need. Financing needed? No problem. We are experienced in both municipal and contractor financing. Contact us for more details and to set up a visit to see our facility and your next piece of equipment.

Photo Gallery

  • Snow and Ice Control – Snow plows and integrated truck up fits
  • Dump Truck Bodies – Stainless steel and carbon steel- 8′ to 22′
  • Oil Field Equipment – Vacuum and winch trucks
  • Septic, Portable Restroom and Industrial Commercial Trucks
  • Vacuum Leaf Collectors – Tow behind and self-contained
  • Master Material Movers – The TerrainProM3 landscaping innovation tool
  • Salt and Sand spreaders – Under tailgate and V-box
  • Replacement/Service Parts

ARM Company Overview